Retirement Planning

Lipscomb Investment Group LLC believes ‘Retirement Planning’ is more important today than ever before. With life expectancies increasing each year and historically low interest rates, the fear of running out of money is a top concern for today’s retirees. Today, many people live one-third of their life, 30 years, in retirement. There are many time proven financial strategies as well as new and innovative products that can extend the life of one’s financial assets.


We offer:

  • Beneficiary Review
  • Retirement Planning
  • Financial Needs Analysis
  • Analysis of Present and Future Expenses
  • Estate Preservation
  • Income Planning


Planning is a key component as you solidify your retirement goals.  Whether you are facing immediate retirement or have several years to prepare, mapping out a plan can make all the difference.  We can assist you in developing a portfolio that is consistent with your goals and your time horizon.


Lipscomb Investment Group, LLC does not provide tax and/or legal advice, but will work with your attorney or independent tax or legal advisor. In the event that you do not have your own attorney or tax professional we will partner with local CPA firms who provide tax services.